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The Witter Group


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The Witter Group is a Seattle-based public relations firm helping clients communicate effectively with employees, shareholders, the media and the general public.
We develop integrated strategies to bolster internal and external communications and enhance the organizational brand.
Our clients include companies and organizations in fields ranging from commercial aviation and global poverty reduction to green building and forest products. Our bottom line: Helping clients develop and target key messages that move their bottom lines.

The Witter Group is an alliance of independent contractors, ranging from graphic designers and photographers to speech writers and marketing professionals. We have a proven record of excellence in corporate America and in the halls of government. We offer a suite of communications services, including:

  • Crisis Communications

  • Issues Management

  • Internal Communications

  • Media Relations

  • Marketing Communications


The Witter Group | Seattle, Wash. | +1 (206) 720-5894 office | +1 (206) 726-3461 fax |